TTS Consulting has efficiently and effectively handled my family's taxes for many years, including the complicated returns dealing with Power of Attorney issues. Dr. Funkhouser and his associates have always responded immediately and eruditely to any question I might have, even regarding matters of linguistics; not irrelevant in the convoluted world of taxes. Indeed, TTS meets the necessary and sufficient conditions for a pleasurable tax experience.

Chris Kramer
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Rock Valley College

We've been tax clients of TTS and Jim Funkhouser for 10 years and have been very satisfied with the service; actually delighted captures our sentiments best. They have been prompt, responsive, delivering yearly tax filing dependably, handling our needs across many jurisdictions over the years. We were audited one year, the system targeting us due to the purchase of a condominium that changed dramatically our IRS profile. Jim gave us solid advice in handling the correspondence with the IRS and when it came time to meet the auditor in person, Jim came out from St. Louis to Seattle, to where we had relocated, and accompanied us in a successful defense of our tax filing.

Alison Wylie & Samuel Gerszonwicz
Alison: Professor; Samuel: Conflict resolution mediator
Department of Philosophy, University of Washington

I am a novelist, composer, and a retired professor from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. My wife, Dr. Carolyn Kropp was a professor there as well. A number of years ago we realized that because of our various professional activities, our taxes were getting complicated and so we decided that it would be best to get help. TTS Consulting, Inc. has handled our taxes for about ten years, and I can say without hesitation that this company has done an excellent job. TTS has an excellent staff and a very pleasant and remarkably comfortable atmosphere. The people who work there have a special talent for explaining things to people like me for whom numbers and the business world in general seem to exist on a foreign planet. TTS is a very efficient company, and they make everything easy for their clients. All the work is done rather quickly after the initial interview. It is a great pleasure to work with people who are so congenial and at the same time so professional.

Lloyd and Caroline Kropp
Maryville, Illinois

As an American professor teaching abroad for many years, I have been absolutely delighted with the services of the people at TTS, which I have used for over a decade. They have clearly gone out of their way to find me the best possible way to submit my tax returns (indeed, they appear to enjoy doing that!), and have done so time and again, and with reasonable fees. I have no hesitation recommending them.

Thaddeus Metz
Humanities Research Professor
Philosophy Department University of Johannesburg, South Africa

TTS Consulting is fantastic! They make doing taxes smooth and easy -- I couldn't believe how painless it was. Their expertise saved me thousands of dollars, lots of time, and they are super friendly to boot.

Simine Vazire
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis

I've worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs where we create educational programming for veterans and staff and broadcast nationwide via satellite and the web. I am also a self taught watercolor artist. There are a couple pieces of my work on display at TTS where I've been a happy client for over 14 years. TTS has always delivered professional service with a strong commitment to excellence. A critical element for me is the personal touch they provide. That means taking all the pain out of April 15!! Thanks TTS!!

Karen Landon
Watercolor Artist and Video Studio Coordinator
St. Louis VA Knowledge Network

For over twenty years we have been using the services of TTS for our business and personal tax needs. As our business has grown, TTS has helped us with any accounting and tax changes we have encountered. With the ever changing tax laws, it is great to have TTS to count on. Just not at tax time, but throughout the year, we can call and someone is there to answer our questions.

Don Cooper
Art Glass Creations, St. Louis, MO

When Rutgers reduced full year sabbatical compensation to 80% of salary, I thought I would have to take a half year sabbatical. But Jim Funkhouser & TTS showed me how to take a full year sabbatical out of the country and actually come out substantially ahead financially.

Stephen Stich
Board of Governors Professor of Philosophy & Cognitive Science
Rutgers University

Jim Funkhouser and his colleagues at TTS tax service have prepared my tax returns for nearly twenty years -- and have always done a simply outstanding job for a very reasonable fee. Jim's guarantee to me was that he would save me more in taxes than I paid in fees, and I am sure he has met that guarantee many times over -- not to mention saving me the enormous hassle of what has now become a fairly complicated return. I can't say that it is a pleasure to pay my taxes; but it is always a pleasure to deal with Jim and the TTS team. I have recommended TTS to numerous friends and colleagues; and they have been uniformly delighted with the service they have received. Many of us (including myself) have moved away from the St Louis vicinity, but we've all stuck with Jim and TTS -- indeed, I've recommended TTS to friends from California to Florida, with always the same outcome: a sense of relief to have found a competent, reliable, honest and friendly group to bear the burden of the awful taxing task.

J. Piers Rawling
Professor of Philosophy
Florida State University

I must have referred a dozen people to TTS, and I'll no doubt refer many more. If you're an academic who pays taxes, look no further than the academic specialists at TTS.

John M. Doris
Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program and Philosophy Department, Washington University

For over fifteen years, TTS has done an impeccable job preparing my taxes. That is significant because I have had three different employers, and lived at three different locations, since being a client of TTS. Throughout my career changes, TTS has proven to be thorough, honest, sincere, and professional. I have entrusted them to provide tax services for my family and friends. I recommend TTS, based on their quality service, availability, and superior consultation.

Frederick Patterson
Security Specialist
United States Federal Government

TTS has compiled my tax returns for the last two years. I have been very satisfied with the friendly and efficient way that have handled the matter.

Graham Priest
Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy; Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
University of Melbourne; Graduate Center, City University of New York

"Between the two of us, we work at various times throughout the season for different small theatre companies. Sometimes one of us is on stage, other times one of us might be directing a play. The people at TTS understand the kinds of income freelance artists generate in small venues and they've helped us so much in our careers we think of them as collaborators!"

Mark & Cristy
Mark: Director, Actor Professor of Theatre; Cristy: Actress, Choreographer Academic Advisor
The College of Charleston

'It is my sincere pleasure to recommend TTS Consulting for all tax-preparation services. I've worked with various other firms and none have been as thorough, professional, efficient or pleasant to work with as the various employees I've known at TTS. Maia and Jim take personal care of their clients, not treating them like a number. My experience with TTS has been entirely positive and I actually look forward to my yearly meetings. I recommend them without hesitation.

Marc Thayer
Director of Education
Association of American Voices

One of the most comforting supports I count on is help with my taxes from Jim Funkhouser for the past couple of decades. My taxes have become pretty complicated as I enjoy a complex life living in New York City, with travel for research and teaching to several other cities, both domestic and foreign. I have survived three audits and either received an additional refund or had the return filed by TTS "accepted as is." I have recommended TTS to my friends and academic colleagues.

Frank Hull
Strategy Research
New York City, NY

Between the two of us, we have worked with TTS since 1997. They have seen us through international travel and work, work in multiple states, and the usual vagaries of the professional life of two academics. Because of TTS, our taxes are the easiest part of our financial lives! Thanks to the whole staff who make tax time a pleasant experience for us.

Shawn and Olga Rowe
Shawn: Assistant Professor/Director of Education; Olga: Assistant Professor
Oregon State University

Over the years TTS has served both me and River Styx with scrupulousness and integrity

Richard Newman
Poet; Editor
River Styx;

It's difficult to imagine that anyone could know more than TTS about academics' tax issues. This is the place for expert advice about IRS rules on sabbaticals, leaves of absence, fellowships, summer salaries, consulting income, and the like. I've found TTS extremely helpful, efficient, and careful. They even have a sense of humor, and I'm happy to recommend them to colleagues.

Lance Rips
Psychology Dept., Northwestern University

Jim Funkhouser and TTS give us both confidence and pleasure during tax time. As artists in academia, we have the privilege of surviving without the need for highly developed business skills. To make the most of our opportunities, however, we need to have expert advice from someone we trust. Jim Funkhouser and TTS will earn your trust. Jim continues to educate us on ways to responsibly lower our taxable income, and gives us assurance that he has our backs in the unlikely event of an audit. TTS keeps abreast of changes to the tax code, and explain those changes in a way that is accessible and empowering. On a side note, it is heartening to walk into an office that is festooned with reproductions of great art and artifacts from trips abroad, and to walk in the gardens and see the great variety of hostas and tomatoes that Jim is growing. It reminds me that insightful stewardship of money is simply a means to living meaningfully.

Brigham and Erin Dimick
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

TTS provided ideal solutions and the best of services when it came to filing our US tax return, despite involving two different European citizenships and a complex academic profile. It was a relief and a privilege to know we were in the best of hands when dealing with our tax life. You know we were totally lost financially when we got to St. Louis. You made our tax life one thing less to worried about and became a friend on top of that!

Josefa Toribio Mateas
ICREA Research Professor, Humanities
Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Filing tax returns is no longer a headache. Every year TTS saves me money, and they take care of my returns for me. It's like they are paying me to handle my taxes.

Eric Wiland
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy, University of Missouri-St. Louis