You may make an appointment by phone only.
No. We work with people all over the world via email (with PDF format only for original documents), fax, and ground mail. You may send us your information (see contact page) using any of these methods and we will have your return ready for you within one week. Obviously, this is dependent on having received all necessary information; if your preparer needs to make numerous calls/emails to you for additional information, it may slow down the process.
At TTS, we stand by our work. If you receive a letter regarding a tax return which we prepared, we will work with you to clear up the matter, free of charge.
There is no single answer to this question, but as a client of ours, we will consult with you on the best way to handle the matter. We may recommend that you contact the person who prepared the return, or we may need to file a “power of attorney” for the specific tax return and take care of the matter for you, or we may advise you on how to handle the situation on your own and on the next step. In any case, we do not normally charge a current client for consultation time.
You should notify our office immediately when you receive a letter from the IRS or the state/city. The faster we have the information, the fewer problems arise in resolving the issue.
While we will not assume the payment of the taxes due, we will reimburse you for interest and/or penalties which may be applied. This is, of course, provided you notify us immediately when you receive notice of a mistake which we made on your tax return.
Call our office and request another copy. TTS does not charge for a 2nd copy. Should you require a 3rd or more copies, there may be an assessed charge.
TTS expects payment at the time of service, which means that we will not file a tax return without payment.  TTS accepts cash, check, and credit/debit cards.

For those clients living outside of the U.S., we can make arrangements USD conversion/exchange rates.
TTS can prepare your W-2s and 1099s at a very low cost. We can also provide training on how to set-up your own bookkeeping using QuickBooks Software, and can consult with you about the types and format of information you will need to have your taxes prepared. We do not, at this time, provide bookkeeping, accounting, or payroll services.
TTS only shares data with the IRS/State/City as required to prepare your return, to resolve issues with your return, to comply with a court order, or to comply with instructions by the client.  TTS never shares or sells client data.   TTS never telemarkets.